The dinner table isn’t just about the food - it’s about so much more. It’s about sharing laughter, tears, memories, and chisme. Most importantly, it’s about being with the familia. It’s not just eating - it’s a whole experience. Here at Tatas Tacos, we invite you to join us at our dinner table. Welcome to the familia.

Marci - Chief Tata

Almost all of my childhood memories took place within the walls of the small kitchen we had in our tiny home in rural Mexico - it was the social hub for anyone who lived in or visited the house. There were days when the whole kitchen was full of adults making tamales and yelling at us to get out of the kitchen as we weaved between their legs chasing each other. Other days, it was my sister making us rice and beans, teaching all of us younger kids life lessons that we would take with us into adulthood.

In my family, meals have always been the most important time of day. Funny enough, the food has always been more of a background aspect than the main reason we gather. If someone were to observe my family eating a meal, they would see more than just a plate of food. They would see happiness. They would see laughter. They would see love.

When I think of a meal, I think about sitting around the table with the most important people in my life. I think about how, although we are enjoying food, we are enjoying each other’s company even more. It’s a sacred time that we reserve just to spend with each other.

Most of the time at the table is spent deciding our next meal, but sometimes, that’s the best part. I am excited to bring my love for meals and the sacred experience they hold to everyone at Tatas Tacos.