The twelve days of tacos, my true love gave to me...

We’re going around the world this holiday season with 12 different tacos that will showcase unique flavors commonly found & enjoyed during the holidays. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve will be a different taco from countries like Japan, India and of course, the good old USA!

On the 1st Day (December 13th) .... Chicharron en Chile Verde

crispy pork skins simmered in salsa verde, refried beans, fresh cilantro & onions

On the 2nd Day (December 14th) .... The Texan

House made red Chorizo, grilled shrimp, papitas con chile, chili aioli & pico de gallo

On the 3rd Day (December 15th) .... Carnitas

Shredded braised pork, refried beans, guacamole, lime pickled onions & peppers

On the 4th Day (December 16th) .... Tamal Taco

red chili pork or chicken tamal, cheese, crema, fresh cilantro & onion, guajillo tortilla

On the 5th Day (December 17th) .... Shrimp Etouffee

na'lins style shrimp etouffee, caper & butter white rice, with green onions

On the 6th Day (December 18th) .... Empanada Taco

Cheese stuffed, choice of chicken tinga or pork al pastor, lettuce, pico de gallo, crema, cotija cheese

On the 7th Day (December 19th) .... Thai Chicken

Shredded chicken, sweet chili garlic sauce, white rice, carrot-basil slaw, served on lettuce wrap

On the 8th Day (December 20th) .... Boneless BBQ Rib Taco

Hickory smoked baby back pork ribs, jalapeño coleslaw, chipotle Bbq, French fries, green onions

On the 9th Day (December 21st) .... The Gobbler

Roasted turkey simmered in green mole sauce, refried beans, traditional red rice, sesame seeds

On the 10th Day (December 22nd) .... The Big Mich (The Original Bloody Mary Taco)

Bacon wrapped shrimp, celery slaw, Michelada sauce, tomato-pickle relish, grilled cheese tortilla

On the 11th Day (December 23rd) ....  New Yakitori

marinated skirt steak, teriyaki, siriracha, grilled onion blossoms, white butter rice, sesame seeds

On the 12th Day (December 24th) ... Grilled Lobster & Steak

Fresh water lobster tail, grilled rib eye steak, papitas con chile, street corn-elote, green onions

* These specialty tacos are not in our regular menu. You must come in twelve days in a row in order try them all. They will be served only the date specified.Limited availability. Ho-Ho-Ho!